Jackson Reed

The November Gales EP By Jackson Reed
Released October 14, 2016 on Deadplant Records

Nostalgia’s a tough thing to grab on to. It’s not so much something as the idea of something; it’s catching a glimpse outta the corner of yer eye but when you turn to look at it it’s gone, or never was there at all.

Jackson Reed’s songs are nostalgia, and when you hear them yer struck by reminders of elsewheres and befores, of summer’s past, and of love’s come & gone the same way. They send you somewhere but you can’t ever tell where exactly: maybe it’s the sounds of 1968 and yer in Chicago or Buffalo or Detroit; maybe it’s the sounds of up north and it’s winter or it’s Wednesday or it’s yesterday afternoon.

Maybe it’s all of them and maybe it’s none but it doesn’t matter, cuz what yer really hearing, after you go where you go and come back, is the sound of someone here and now: it is sometimes sunshine and sometimes rain, it is happy and it is sad, but it is Jackson Reed.

-Ryan Gaio


Oct 8 - Toronto - Monarch Tavern
Oct 14 – Toronto – Saving Gigi
Oct 15 – Hamilton – The Doors Pub
Oct 16 – St. Catherine’s – Fiddler's Pour House
Oct 22 – Montreal – Le Cagibi
Oct 27 – Guelph – Silence
Nov 4 – Ottawa – Pressed Café
Nov 5 – Peterborough – The Spill
Nov 18 - Toronto - Belljar Cafe


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