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Jennifer Holub’s songs are about the things that torment us. Her new album “The Reckoning” is a hawkish condemnation of society’s place for women, and an urgent call to rouse from it. The album is a collaboration with sonic experimenters Jon Danyliw and Matthew Wiewel and captures the quintessence of her home in northern Ontario—pastoral, tired, cold, and resilient.

This is Holub's second album after her debut “For the Haunting” (IndieCan Records) was released June 25, 2016, co-produced by her longtime friend Brian Dunn.

Jennifer has lived many lives. At the age of 32, she made the reckless decision to leave it all behind for a music career. Catch her live throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada in October 2018. She is a bright spark in the Sudbury area music scene. She lends her powerful voice and piano stylings to a revue of Memphis-based Soul music called The Northern Memphis Revival and The Co-Operative.

“[Jennifer Holub’s music] pulls me through the Wild West of Neko Case, the tangled lush gardens of Kate Bush and pushes me out to emerge in an unknown but healing place. She’s got tradition and the future in mind, and she’s brave with sounds, but when she sings you just feel your own heart, and you travel.“
- Maïa Davies, award-winning Canadian songwriter/producer.

“The North, with its rolling rock escarpments, vast skies, million lakes and rivers, remote cities and even more remote villages, brings out the adventurer in this performer. [Jennifer Holub] takes it all in and still works on blazing new pathways in the wilderness of the world and its relationships between nature and nurture.”
- Paul Loewenberg, Former Artistic Director, Northern Lights Festival Boreal

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